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This website ( is reserved and managed by Symbiance Inc (invoked to these terms of use as “Symbiance”, “we”, “us” or “our”) is a CRO company registered in USA and India.

Our registered headquarter address is Symbiance Inc., 51 Everett Dr, Suite B-20, Princeton Junction, NJ 08550, USA and branch address are Symbiance Chambers, #46/2 GB Palya Hosur Road, Bommanahalli Post, Bangalore 560068 and Rayala Techno Park, 2nd Floor, 144/7 Rajiv Gandhi Salai, OMR, Kottivakkam, Chennai 600041, INDIA.

This privacy policy clarifies how Symbiance congregates, maintains, uses and confess confidential private details incorporates personal information of our personnel, clients, consumers, patients, healthcare experts, medical research subjects, clinical analyst, dealers, business partners, and stockholders.

Symbiance contemplates that this privacy policy, implementing procedures and standard practices will support prompt consent with all the international privacy laws and regulations.

Accumulation Of Personal Data And Its Uses

Research Oriented Details

The personal information of individuals taking part in research studies maintained and handled by Symbiance Inc as a CRO that consolidates patients’ complete details, clinical analyst, research personnel, business partners, third-party service, sponsors, managers, and contractors their personal data used to conduct the pertinent studies and pharmacovigilance.

This might involve the transmission of personal details to the appropriate study sponsor, its corporate partners and third-party service providers fulfilling functions linked to the studies. For instance, Clinical Data Management, Global Drug Safety Monitoring, Clinical Data Standardization, etc.

Human Resources Relevant Data’s

To support human resources activities, we will process personal details to carry out functions such as job opportunities, recruitment process, onboarding, management of personnel involvement in benefits, allowance, human resources strategies and programs, administration of individual performance, analysis and reporting on consent and regimen procedures.

Program Participants And Customer Information

Symbiance may make use of personal information that comes through inquire of products and services, clinical research participation, education on health care and patient-related programs that may be applicable via Symbiance, we will use such personal data to offer the information requested on products and services.

The uses may incorporate enhancing the quality of our services, processing the requested transaction, acknowledging our business partners and agents to carry out a specific task.

Symbiance may also use the personal details gathered to abide by our legal and regulatory commitments, policies and actions for internal organizational goals.

GDPR At Symbiance

 At symbiance, we have always been dedicated to collecting, processing and protecting personal information by ensuring data privacy support to our customers and partners. Our responsibility for managing data assiduously with an effective privacy policy at the core of what we do and we were well-positioned to follow specific principles, according to EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

    • Consent

Controllers must have a clear and documented legal basis for processing personal data as well as need affirmative action from individuals to process their personal information.

If confiding on consent, rigid requirements must meet for consent to be valid.

Symbiance distributed legal basis workbooks to carry out controller activities and offered an elaborated checklist for verifiable consent and updated guidance for clinical studies.

    • Data Protection Officers (DPO)

Symbiance appointed a Data Protection Officers and established contact process to assess regulatory compliance. 

    • Right To Access

As an individual, you have the right to know, what data of yours symbiance has and what they are going to do with it. For your convenience, symbiance established an electronic communication that symbolizes a relationship you have with us. You agree that any consent we send electronically will allay your necessities.

    • Right To Erasure

Symbiance offered guidance, regulated to our existing policies on how to deal with requests from individuals exerting their rights to erase the processing of their personal information. To handle this process timely, we established centralized processing to ensure data subject requests consistently in accordance with the regulation.

    • Data Portability

Data portability permits individuals to get and reuse their personal information for their own purposes across multiple services.           

    • Breach Notification

If any data breaches occur, then controllers must report this incident to DPAs within 72 hours and notify individuals without any delay if there prevails any high risk of harm.  Controllers must document all breaches regardless of any notification responsibilities. Symbiance provides additional support and guidance ensures that the organization is aware of such breaches and respond within the given timelines.

    • Privacy By Design

Symbiance incorporated data protection measures into the design of systems at the beginning itself and thus process the data that are highly required. To limit such access, Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs) have pertinent control where processing activities are projected that may lead to a high degree of risk to the right of individuals. Specific tools are available to persistently perform DPIAs as required and trigger queries to detect areas where additional controls are required.

Information Security And Confidentiality

We have standard firewall and password protection that enables security and confidentiality of personal information that we amass via online. To handle your personal information secured, we take peculiar measures designed to safeguard sensitive information from loss, mistreat, illegal access, revelation and modification. To enhance website security, an SSL certificate is installed.

Disclosure With Third Parties

We may not share your personal details with contractors, agents, partners of Symbiance in network with services and they are completely restricted to use such personal data’s.

Our website enables you to post information with an outlook to that details read, collected, copied, downloaded by other people.  

For Instance

Posting your views in the comment section on our blog

While posting personal details, it is up to you to appease yourself about the privacy level of every individual who might use it.

We do not particularly use this detail except to acknowledge it to displayed and shared.

We have no authority and will not take responsibility for what any individual third party may do with your information once your personal details enter the public domain.

Job Application And Recruitment Process

If you send us your CV in association with a job application, we may keep it on our database, in case we decide to contact you later.

Cookies And Its Uses

Our website has cookies that

  • Guide you to the appropriate portions on the website.
  • Determine the website displays a constant look across disparate browsers and devices.
  • Ensures complicated sections of the website to function.
  • Enhance website performance by tracking anonymized aggregate statistics on website visitors.

We may install the cookies that gather information such as user domain name, operating system, internet service provider and date and time of the access.

Because of internet tags and cookies, our web analytical team may collect information on your use of this website, comprise reports on the website’s activities and offer additional services that linked to the usage of the website and the internet.

Google Analytics

We make use of Google Analytics tool deliberate our portfolio of websites by

  • Progressing traffic to and between collective websites
  • Generating the elaborated statistics on website traffic, conversion rate, and sales.
  • Google Analytics uses “cookies” that assist with how users use our website.

Google makes use of the information generated by the cookies for assessing the use of our website, organizing reports based on website activity for analytical purposes. Google may transmit this detail to third parties in the event of processing information. Google will never integrate your IP address with other details stored at Google.

Internet Tags

Intermittently, we may deploy and use internet tags on our website that store certain information includes the IP address of any country. These internet tags placed on our website, to track the user responses to our website incorporates the number of times a page opened and assess your use of this website.

Browser Settings To Control And Delete The Cookies

You have the option to set your browser to give notification when you receive a cookie, which will allow you to conclude whether to accept it or not. But you may not be able to make use of the functionality of your browser if you do not accept a cookie.

Children’s Privacy

Protecting the privacy details of the children is significant. For that purpose, we do not involve in gathering or managing the information at our website from those we know are under 16 years of age, and no section of our website designed to draw attention from anyone under 16.

Removal Of Your Information

If you want us to delete traceable details from our website, you may contact us at

This may restrict the solution we can offer to you.

Compliance With Law

Our privacy policy composed to adhere by the legal jurisdiction of every country in which we aim to provide solutions and services effectively. We would like to hear from you if you think that our privacy policy fails to the law of your jurisdiction.

Contact Us

We have the right to update our privacy policy from time to time. If you have any questions or concerns about the privacy policy, cookies and the way your personal information used.

Please contact us via email