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As the healthcare and medical industry continues to grow, the subject of Life Sciences has become a field of interest among a lot of medical students.

Life Science is dedicated to the study of all living organisms which includes human beings and animals, as such it has an excellent deal to do with most areas of modern science. Candidates willing to study life sciences will be able to be specialize in a wide range of field which also includes the development biology, ethics, cell biology and parasitology. Upon getting a degree in the field, graduates will be able to get employment in a large number of fields within the medical and pharmaceutical industry. Famous career paths include:

Clinical Research

This generally concentrate on the drug and medical development equipment before it can be considered ready to be launched into general medicine practices. The drug approval for the common market place is a long and complex process which includes clinical trials. A drug or piece of equipment cannot progress to the next level without passing these trials. A clinical research will overlook the development of drugs and equipment through the stages of these clinical trials. There are different levels of careers in this field starting with clinical trials assistant all the way to clinical director.

Regulatory Affairs

This sector has grown rapidly due to the want of governing bodies to make sure the safety and health of the general public. The regulatory affairs industry focuses on tracking and regulating scientific development in sections like veterinary, pharmaceuticals and agriculture. There are a wide range of position in this specific field that controls all levels of regulation of various fields. Staffs in this field must have knowledge of various field when planning whether to certify the efficacy of a product while making sure they also comply with all legal framework needed.

Drug Safety

One of the industry’s most essential sector focuses on drug safety called as Pharmacovigilance. This area of the industry related to finding and preventing side effects of the medicine or drug. This role entails researching, tracking, assessing and evaluation of details to pin point the possibility of adverse effects before launching onto the market. A career in this field might require to collect information from all parties included in the clinical trials as to be able to offer a safe assessment and report the findings to regulatory bodies and licensing agencies.

Drug safety offices are highly responsible for observing and tracking reactions and effects during the drug studies and trials. A report will be submitted to the authorities and the drug safety managers will plan, review and monitor the profile of specific medication products.

The physicians will assess and attain details about safety of the products. They are need to carry out medical case reviews and analyse product safety during clinical trailing.